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Using the Opt-in Link

Using the Opt-in Link

The one-click opt-in link allows you to effortlessly add new users from your existing lists to your PerkZilla Campaign!

Go to Additional Settings for the campaign you'd like to use.

Click on Opt-in link and then COPY the link to your clipboard

Replace [Subscriber Email] with the actual email you'd like to add or your autoresponder / integration partner shortcode

For Example:[Subscriber Email]

For a single email would be

Or for say with a MailChimp shortcode*|EMAIL|*

As MailChimp uses this structure for their email fetching, meaning you could add the code snippet to the end of a link in your emails, and automatically opt-in new users to the campaign in a single click - bypassing the confirmation email for existing users!

if you'd like to input the users first and last name, you can add the respective string &fn=[Subscriber First Name]&ln=[Subscriber Last Name] or simply &n=[Subscriber Full Name] to add a single name.

Your default opt-in link will adapt automatically based on your form settings!

Updated on: 08/18/2022

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