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How do sub-accounts work?

How Do Sub-Accounts Work:

On top of being able to run unlimited campaigns for clients in your main account, we’ve made it possible to dedicate specific “sub-accounts” for clients. This allows the client to have their own PerkZilla login and keep track of their campaigns as desired.

As the main account holder, you can log in to their account in one-click to create new campaigns, update widgets or help manage anything as needed. All campaigns stay separate and organized within their sub-account.

The Ultimate tier includes 5 Starter Level Sub-Accounts each with 10,000 participants, unlimited campaigns, unlimited domains and even including the removed branding (whitelabel) addon for widgets, forms and emails.

If you think you'll need more, we offering discounts and upgrades for new sub-accounts here.

If you need a significant number of sub-accounts, please reach out at the bottom of this page and we’ll be happy to help however we can!

Once signed in, you can add a sub-account in your PROFILE area

Updated on: 08/20/2022

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