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How Does Winner Selection Work?

Winner Selection Methods

Based on Leaderboard

When the winner is selected based on the leaderboard, participants with the most points or entries will win. The software will select your most active users at the top of the leaderboard as the winner(s) in the order that your prizes are added.

Probability Based

When using the probability based selection method, the user at the top of the leaderboard still has the best chance to win, but is not guaranteed to win such as in based on leaderboard. Think of it almost as throwing names into a hat based on how many entries each user has and then randomly drawing the winners.

Randomly Selected

When randomly selected, winners are picked at random, regardless of entries.

You can mix and match selection methods for advanced customization in the AUTOMATION CENTER. (e.g., Grand Prize based on leaderboard, First Place based on Probability and 25 consolation prizes randomly selected.)

In any case, if the Grand Prize has say 5 prizes, then the selection method will be used in order for all 5 prizes.

Updated on: 02/01/2022

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