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Two-Step Verify (2 Step Verification)

Two-Step Verify (2 Step Verification)

Two-Step Verification provides additional confirmation that an action was completed and allows you to get extremely creative with the verification methods!

It pairs with the full customization of actions that we strive for and the opportunities are truly endless!

Example Uses:

1) Join our community, then earn +100 entries for pasting the SECRET CODE (actually live below!)

2) Make a purchase and then submit your ORDER NUMBER to earn +500 loyalty points or bonus entries!

3) Read our blog post and let us know the title of the 3rd section to earn +50 bonus entries.

The possibilities are virtually endless and we look forward to additional feedback and use cases from the community!

For example, you can request submission of:

- Secret Codes
- Screenshots
- Order Numbers
- Profile URLs
- Handles / Usernames

and much more!

Updated on: 04/01/2022

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