Step-by-Step: Setting up G Suite SMTP
For many G Suite users, using Gmail as your SMTP server does not require many steps. However, if you have a more complex setup, you may need to use the SMTP relay service, which we’ll discuss next.

Specific Email Server Information
With your G Suite Administrator account signed in, click on Settings and Site Settings. Enter the requested information in the Outgoing SMTP Server section of the Email window.

Port: 465 (if you’re using SSL encryption) or 587 (if you’re using TLS encryption)
Use SMTP Authentication: Most users will want to activate this box
User Name: Enter your email address for your Google account
Password: Enter your Google account password
SMTP Connection Security: Click on the button that has the type of encryption you are using (if any)

If the above doesn't work, View Guide with App Passwords (After May 2022):

View the advanced guide here -

For standard SMTP please follow this guide!
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