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Setting up Yahoo SMTP or YMAIL

Setting up Yahoo SMTP or YMAIL

Username: Your Email
Password: App Password (different than email password to login!)

Port: 587
Encryption: TLS

Using the Yahoo SMTP settings listed above, the Yahoo Mail SMTP server lets you send up to 500 emails per day.

How to Create an App Password for Yahoo Mail

To use the Yahoo Mail SMTP server, you first need to create a dedicated app password. Earlier, you could use your Yahoo Mail password, but Yahoo updated this requirement to improve security. Now, you need to generate a unique app password.

Thankfully, generating a Yahoo Mail app password is pretty straightforward. To get started, go to your account settings area and then click on the Account Security tab.

You can access your account settings area by clicking on your username/icon in the top-right corner. Or, you can click this link to go straight to the account security area (as long as you’re logged in to Yahoo Mail already).

Then, click the Generate app password link under the Other ways to sign in section.

Simply paste that as your SMTP Password with the above credentials and you should be good to go!

Updated on: 06/29/2022

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